The new creative wooden shelve fastening system

The Alphawing-system improves the lifespand of your wooden floorshelves and in particular the wooden frame used underneath.
The new fastening system foor wooden shelves used for balconies, terraces and other uses. It provides continuous surfaces and protects the areas underneath reliably against dirt. This makes the Alphawing-system the most ideal solution for balconies, roofs to be walked on above for example garages and lower situated gardensheds.
The Alphawing-system achieves a up now not reached lifespand and durability, this opens options in using local ecologically wood shelves. Compared with tropical wood, less than half expensive and ecological and socially a plus to the purchasing decision.

A terrace system with a fast installation

Compared to drilling a hole and screwing it give a significant time saving causing interesting lower installationcosts. The tools needed are only a portable circular saw with a saw blade HM, a sting saw a drill and an accumulator power-operated wrench. Special tools are not necessary.

No drilling holes in the terrace shelves

Drill 5 mm-holes – using the beacons of the wooden underconstruction – in the WING using the slot (middle) on top of the WING.
Just the profile is fastened on the underconstruction using screws with a flat top, no trompethead screws! Doing this you will save time on drilling and installing screws.

Alpha-Wing is simple to install.